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Some very old stuff:

Eclipse in Action, 2nd edition

Coming soon! This books has been cancelled, sadly. Plans were to cover some of the cool new features available for Eclipse version 3.x, including:

  • The Visual Editor, covering both Swing/AWT and SWT development
  • The Rich Client Platform for building rich, commercial-grade applications
  • The Web Tools Platform, covering web application, EJB and web services development.
An excerpt from the book, Introducing the Eclipse Visual Editor, available on the Manning website, takes the reader on a short tour of the main VE features, while developing a small Swing-based application.

Destination: EclipseWorld

I'll be speaking at EclipseWorld in NYC on August 29th and 30th. I'll be presenting a one-day tutorial, "The Eclipse Ecosystem: Tools and Plug-ins for Eclipse" on Monday and several classes on Tuesday: "Developing GUIs with the Eclipse Visual Editor, Swing/AWT edition", "Developing GUIs with the Eclipse Visual Editor, SWT edition" and Developing Web Services with the Eclipse Web Tools Platform."

(Click on the EclipseWorld logo for more info on the conference.), version 2.0 launches...

After languishing for years... received a complete face-lift in 2005 but has gone back to languishing... But it's not just for looks. Features added were source code to download, a wiki, and articles.

Eclipse in Action: A guide for the Java developer
by David Gallardo, Ed Burnette and Robert McGovern

Here's what they're saying about Eclipse in Action:
"The technical information is dead on...I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone."

"I've been using Eclipse for over a year now and can't believe how much I was missing. Sure, I knew about Ant integration, but the book explains why some of my scripts run fine in command line and not from Eclipse. JUnit, CVS, log4j and Tomcat integration are all detailed as well. Eclipse in Action shows you how to create your own simple plug-ins, manage your coding activities and get the most out of this way cool IDE."

"The book is in fact quite ambitious since it seems to want to teach readers how to program, how to design and build software, how to use the Eclipse IDE as well as how to use a number of open source tools such as ANT, Log4J, JUnit, CVS, Tomcat, SWT and JFace and even XML!...The surprise is that it pretty much achieves its goal. "

Java Oracle Database Development
by David Gallardo

Here's what they're saying about Java Oracle Database Development:
"Being an Oracle developer and heavily into Java I loved this book. It assumes nothing and starts out easily, explaining the tools, database and a simple guide to tables and data types. It even gives an overview of SQL and PL/SQL just in case. After that firm foundation, just in case you needed it, it moves onto object-relational and object features and an introduction to JDBC. The progression in then to advanced JDBC and J2EE persistence, followed by the use of Enterprise Java Beans and object-relational mappings to Java Data Objects. All in all a very good book. Filled with simple to understand examples and the output they generate, which is always a good thing."


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